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Credits 240
Price 500.00 €
Credits 720
Price 900.00 €
Credits 1200
Price 1200.00 €
* A single location lookup costs 24 credits.

Geoweb On Demand

Geoweb On Demand is part of the Munich Re Risk Suite Online Services, providing customers with comprehensive and transparent business insights. As such, it is a location risk intelligence analytics tool for geocoding, NatCat risk assessment and visualisation. By specifying certain locations of interest, you may access and visualise risk and hazard scores for a variety of natural perils: Earthquake, Volcanoes, Tsunami, Extra tropical storm, Hail, Tornado, Lightning, Wildfire, River flood, Flash flood, Storm surge. Additionally, you have the possibility to download detailed single location reports for further analysis.

Three steps to your risk and hazard scores

Buy Credits
Risk Suite Credits offer a flexible way to purchase services on Geoweb On Demand. Simply buy credits in our online store and redeem them in the application. You can choose different package sizes, depending on your needs.
Enter Location
In Geoweb On Demand you are able to search for a location, calculate its hazard and risk scores, and generate a detailed report within a few steps.
Download Information
Finally, you can easily download the detailed location analysis report in different formats, like PDF or CSV.
Upgrading to a Geoweb subscription
As a regular user, you may find it more convenient and cost effective to upgrade to an annual subscription. Please contact us at to discuss your particular needs.

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