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Location Risk Intelligence On-Demand.

Munich Re’s Location Risk Intelligence On-Demand is designed to be accessible and affordable for organisations of all sizes that have an infrequent need for up-to-date physical climate risk data. Whether you're making investment decisions, conducting risk management activities, or preparing climate reports, On-Demand provides valuable insights. It not only helps you understand your exposure to current physical risks but also enables you to analyse and assess the physical risks associated with climate change in various future scenarios.
Considering both acute and chronic climate risks, On-Demand provides information on eight Climate Hazard Scores, including projected changes in the intensity and frequency of future events under different climate scenarios. In addition, 12 Natural Hazard Scores and 4 Risk Scores are included to provide a clear picture of the current risk exposure based on data from past events. . With this solution, you can thoroughly assess the risks of natural hazards and climate change for individual assets or locations, and conveniently download the results in your preferred format (PDF report, CSV or Excel file) to suit your needs.

Natural disasters are constantly increasing and caused losses of around US 250 billion worldwide, in 2023 alone. However, you can significantly reduce the risks you have to take with the help of Climate Change Edition. It’s based on the world's most comprehensive collection of natural hazards data, climate change data and over 140 years’ experience of the world's largest reinsurer.

To start your risk assessment for an individual location, use credits which can be purchased directly on this website.

Available Climate Change Hazard Scores:
Heat Stress, Drought Stress, Precipitation Stress, Fire Weather Stress and Cold Stress for SSP Scenarios 1-2.6, 2-4.5, 3-7.0 and 5-8.5 and projection years Current, 2030, 2040, 2050 and 2100.
Tropical Cyclone, River Flood, Sea Level Rise for RCP Scenarios 2.6, 4.5 and 8.5 and projection years Current, 2030, 2050 and 2100.
(Tropical Cyclones & River Flood not for RCP 2.6, Sea Level Rise for projection year 2100 only)

Available Natural Hazard Scores:
Earthquake, Volcano, Tsunami, Tropical Cyclones, Extratropical Storms (winter storms), Hail, Tornado, Lightning, River Flood, Flash Flood, Storm Surge, Wildfire

Available Risk Scores:
Overall, Earthquake, Flood and Storm, plus Overall Defended and Flood Defended

General information:
Elevation, Population Density, Distance to Coast, Distance to Active Fault and more.

Download your risk assessment as a meaningful report
We offer three file formats for this purpose: PDF, CSV or Excel.
So you can first check the locations, save them and download them at your leisure.
3 simple steps to assess the risks for any location in the world. Get started now…
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Enter any address or coordinate
As soon as you have entered your desired address or coordinates in the search field, our tool zooms to the desired position, displays the selected address as well as its coordinates.
As soon as you press the "Calculate Scores" button and confirm the chargeable query (48 credits per location), the risk assessment starts immediately.
Only seconds later, all determined risks are displayed in a clear panel with dedicated categories for Risk Scores, Natural Hazards and Climate Change.
Now you can simply download your results as meaningful reports in PDF, CSV or Excel format - and start directly with your next query. Don't forget to save the location if you need the download the results at a later stage again.
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Benefits of Location Risk Intelligence On-Demand
Easy input – great output
Simply enter any address in the world or the corresponding coordinates to instantly receive a risk assessment with more than 100 values.
They are summarised in an overall risk score as well as in three risk subgroups (earthquake, storm and flood risk score) for current risk interpretation.
Download reports
As a result of your search, all identified risks are presented in a clear table with bars visualising the different hazards and risks from low to extreme.
Each of your risk assessments can be downloaded as an informative report in three different formats (PDF, CSV and Excel).
Analyse your assets in seconds
High-speed data processing for fast and reliable assessment of risks that may arise from natural hazards. And all this as an on-demand solution that gives you the greatest possible flexibility.
Largest global data collection on natural hazards
Benefit from over 40 years of Munich Re’s natural hazard data collection, combined with state-of-the-art scientific climate change models and datasets for relevant risk assessments.
Any questions, or do you require analysis of entire portfolios or infrastructure?